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You Are More Than Mom

You Are More Than Mom

Hello friends, there is a project I've been planning, dreaming, and anxiously wanting to do for a few months now. It's something that's very important to me and the root of why I'm where I am today. It also drives my passion for most of the things I do! For some reason I've been really nervous about launching this into the world.. maybe because of my high hopes and excitement, I'm possibly afraid of it not unraveling as such.. But you know what? That's CRAZY. I can't keep it to myself anymore and it's not fair to the women I could reach and connect with to keep it hidden either. So I decided that March 1st was a good day to FINALLY announce my new project! It is called You Are More Than Mom.


As you may or may not know I am a SAHM and spent the first three years completely devoting myself to that role. I LOVE my kids and I would do anything for them but somehow along the way, I lost who I was. I lost my creativity, my passions, and yes sometimes my happiness. The problem with this is I was becoming an angry, depressed, and shut in person. And you know what? It WASN'T my kids' fault, it was MY fault. It was my fault for feeling like I HAD to do everything perfect for them, that I had to be doing something with them or for them 24/7. Once I finally found myself again and decided that I needed to love and care for myself just as much as I do for them. Everything changed. I not only became a better and happier person, but also a better and happier MOM.


The passion and desire to help moms realize that they are so much more than just a parent doesn't stem from resentment from having kids or anywhere close to a notion against marriage and families. I LOVE my kids and I cannot imagine my life being as full or happy without them and I have never once regretted having them! But the truth is, if I love them so fiercely, shouldn't I want to give them 100 percent of me? And not in a way of constantly serving them 24/7 but in a way of giving them my BEST self. My HAPPIEST self. And yes there is grace and happiness in serving others, especially your children. But I just don't believe that you get to have these big goals and dreams and an envisioned path but for some reason you have to abandon those once you have kids. Sure it's HARDER to carry on those dreams and goals and it's HARDER to find the time and money to carry on some of those dreams. But let me make it clear that it is not IMPOSSIBLE! 


I'm launching this movement because I relate to the mom that is staring at a wall at the end of the day and wondering if her life will just involve diapers, legos, kids birthday parties, dishes, stained clothes, Disney songs, car seats, park dates, messes, throw up, and crying for the next 18 years and THEN get some time to yourself and to work on you. I think that mindset needs to change. I think moms need to remember who they are outside of motherhood. I think they need a break and to give themselves some credit. They need to find their confidence and beauty and passions again. I realize this is a big undertaking and there's SO much I want to do with this but I needed to start small and simple so my project begins with makeup and photography. 

Why? Because I believe makeup can help bring out the best features of a woman and help her feel and see her beauty a little easier. I also feel like if moms could learn how to apply their makeup in under ten minutes and still look complete and refreshed, it would radically change how they start their day and how they feel about themselves throughout the day.

And photos? How many times would you guess that a mom has had her pictures taken? Probably not since her senior pictures. Family photos? Sure, Except the mom is usually so focused on getting the kids looking like decent humans and getting outfits together that she usually does herself up last and usually rushes through it. Then at the photoshoot, she's having to wrestle with kids or hold a baby that is pulling at her, try to hide the spit up that's now on her dress. She worries about her kids smiling and looking at the camera that most often her smiles are not genuine or not "ready." I KNOW there are amazing photographers out there that have a special skill and eye to take even the craziest of kids or families and produce amazing photos that the mom loves. That's not the point. I want to take that amazing mom out BY HERSELF and make her feel like a million bucks because she IS. I want her to feel special, spoiled, confident, and of course beautiful. Even if she never posts a single photo or shows them to a single soul. She will have them to look at and see who SHE is and how incredibly beautiful and perfect SHE IS. And someday her kids, grandkids, great grandkids will have these beautiful photos of this precious woman to admire and appreciate. 


This is not a sales pitch or a promo.. this is a service and an opportunity I want to give for absolutely FREE. I want to either select a mom I feel needs it or even more so, I would like others to nominate a mom in their life who they feel NEEDS this.  I hope to offer this once or twice a month depending on my availability. The project would consist of a free makeup session and mini lesson (and possibly hair) and a 30 minute outdoor photoshoot with 20 professionally and edited photos via digital download. During this time, there will also be a process of talking with her to discover some of her talents, passions, dreams and goals. Ultimately I want to start the course of her redefining what her life is, realizing her potential for fulfillment and happiness, and of course rediscovering who she is. This all likely can't be completely done within an hour but if I can at least start the process of her getting there and opening up her mind to it, I will feel SO fulfilled and grateful. 


I want to make a difference and an impact in the world and I want to start with moms because they are truly AMAZING women. There is so much more to a mom than her kids and I want the world to see that.  




If you'd like to nominate a mom for this project, please send me an email to simplemeetsbold@gmail.com Please spread the word about the You Are More Than Mom movement by sharing this blog post, sharing my Instagram photo about it (here) or using the hashtag #youremorethanmom in your photos that exemplify this movement and highlight moms doing AMAZING things. 

I Never Wanted To Be A "SAHM"

I Never Wanted To Be A "SAHM"