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5 Reasons You Should Choose Maskcara Beauty

5 Reasons You Should Choose Maskcara Beauty

Whether you're a bored stay at home mom, a restless but busy college student, or just an independent woman with a desire to make her own money and set her own hours.. you all have one thing in common. You're looking for something new, a side hustle even! We all fantasize about what it would be like to work from wherever and whenever and make money doing something that actually interests us, something that inspires us and heck something that is FUN! Well I'm here to tell you.. it's NOT a fantasy! And it's not a gimmick either. There are so many avenues you can take to achieve this work-lifestyle but one of my favorite ways is through network marketing and specifically through a direct sales company. 

I KNOW what you're thinking.. you probably automatically think of those horror stories and think of how awful and scammy direct sales companies are... Well I agree. SOME direct sales companies are scammy and some of the people aren't passionate about the product and they aren't  focused on serving their customers, they are only focused on the bottom dollar. Some companies are greedy and don't pay their reps a fair amount (or make it really hard to qualify for commissions). Some don't have quality products that you can feel good about using and selling. I could go on and on about "those" companies but I won't. Today I want to spend these precious few minutes we have together on my blog to talk about the BEST direct sales company- Maskcara Beauty. 


Maskcara Beauty is still a fairly new player to the direct sales world (about 13 months in) but the company itself has been around since 2013! Their makeup line is completely changing the way you use foundation and the way you do your entire makeup routine! 5 minutes for a full face that feels like you're wearing nothing yet looks like a professional did it? YES PLEASE! I've been a user and lover of this brand for 2.5 years and it was the easiest choice to also become a Maskcara Independent Artist on the first day they launched one year ago. I think YOU need this opportunity just as much as I did one year ago. But I know..  you're like me and need a little push sometimes and definetly a nice little list of reasons so here you go! Here are 5 reasons you should join Maskcara Beauty as an independent artist!



You aren't required to hold inventory or stock EVER! Besides your initial kit of product upon signing up, you will never have to personally invest your own money into this business to make it work! Of course I've chosen to invest in some things to further expand mine (website fee, lighting and video equipment, events, ect) but that is completely your choice and not necessary! This also means you are not in charge of handling orders, shipping product, or dealing with customer returns/issues/refunds! Maskcara Beauty has an amazing customer service team that handles all of those things!

Along with that, Maskcara's compensation plan is simple and generous. You don't have to meet any sales requirements to start earning commission, you don't have to build a team to make good money and you don't have to ever worry about getting "deactivated" or lose ranking if you decide to take it slow or take a break altogether. They created this business structure with YOUR best interests in mind. 



 You do NOT need direct sales experience or makeup artist experience! I wish I had a real statistic but it honestly seems like at least half of the Maskcara artists are completely new to direct sales AND have never done makeup on another person (myself included!) I know it seems like a scary thing but as long as you get on a solid upline (I mean not to toot my own horn but I've got a pretty rockin one..) you will have PLENTY of training, resources, support, and help to master any skill you are lacking and to make your business succeed! Also this makeup was made for the sole purpose of being quick, easy, and doable for any level of makeup user! You'll be an expert HAC-er in no time! 



 You will instantly get a new tribe of girlfriends who really do have your back. Back to those horror stories.. maybe you've seen the competition and cattiness that can happen between reps in direct sales companies? I can honestly say I have never seen that in this company! It's so refreshing to be with so many women and just constantly feel uplifted and loved. I have gained more new and true friends than I can count and whenever we get together for trainings, parties, conventions or whatever. It feels like I'm getting together with my besties. We're like a sorority except there's no hazing, drama, or stealing of boyfriends ;)




You can work from home and earn extra income by helping women gain more confidence and realize their natural beauty! If that's not an amazing job description, I don't know what is! These products are carefully thought out and perfected by Cara Brook who has proven to be a powerhouse in the makeup industry and only releases a product when she's confident it's the best and if she would obsess over and wear it herself! (And yep she wears her own products every single day) They are high quality (without the price tag) and made in the USA- cruelty free of course!   

With that in mind, you can confidently share this makeup with other women and apply it on them without feeling like you are having to talk it up or make it seem better than it is because well.. it just IS the best! You don't have to sacrifice time away from your family, kids, or career to be a Maskcara Artist. You can run it online through blogging and social media and online parties or you can have people over on the weekends for makeovers or parties! YOU decide the pace and you decide how much you want to work and when!



And my favorite reason of all. You will have a chance to forever change YOURSELF. This company has a reputation of impacting women's lives in such a powerful and beautiful way. We aren't just talking financially here (although that is a BIG pro) but I'm talking about a real impact that lasts forever. Women in this company, are finding themselves again. They are finding their voice, their indentity and most importantly, they are realizing their inner beauty and strength. I have felt these things tenfold myself and truly feel like my life has been changed and impacted by Maskcara Beauty in a way nothing else has. Yes becoming a wife changed me and becoming a mom definitely impacted me but in a way, those were both selfless changes.

This company and business has allowed me to refocus on myself again, to build up areas that I had left to crumble. To polish parts of my soul that I had let the dust gather on for too long. To discover and find a greater power and beauty about myself that I didnt even know existed. Can a makeup company really do all that? Well it did for me. And even if I somehow didn't make a single dime doing this, the self confidence and self awareness that I've found would be more than enough for me. 


Do you think you're ready to start your own business and adventure? Are you letting fear and doubt get in your way? Decide today to make a bold move towards your dream life! You CAN do it and you ARE enough!  



For more information on becoming a Maskcara Artist- email me at simplemeetsbold@gmail.com. Or if you're ready to dive into this sisterhood, head here  and enter my artist ID: 1372! 



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