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5 Tips For A Perfect Makeup Application

5 Tips For A Perfect Makeup Application

As many of you know, I'm a Maskcara makeup artist and I've been obsessed with this brand for almost 3 years (2 of those before the artist program was even a thing!) This makeup is cream based so it gives that flawless and dewy finish that we see in photos and yes even on celebrities! I could do a whole other post just on cream makeup and why it's the bomb diggity but until then I just wanted to share my 5 secrets to getting that flawless makeup look EVEN IF you don't use Maskcara or cream makeup! These tips are beneficial and important no matter what makeup you use! 

*Not the reader type? Watch my YouTube video on this topic instead!*


Wash yo face!!! Seriously flawless makeup starts with a clean face preferably acne free (I know it's not always in your control) a good face washing routine every night with a good exfoliation 1-2 times a week will really help your skin become clearer and free of dead skin! I personally use a makeup remover wipe, then the Maskcara cleanser and once a week I use the St. Ives apricot exfoliator. You can use whatever you want, just keep in mind when trying new skin products, you typically need to give it 3 weeks to test how it "works" and how your skin reacts and adjusts to it before starting a new product or routine. 



Moisturize!!!! There's an odd myth out there that if you have oily skin, you don't need to or shouldn't use a moisturizer... what??? Girl, that's just not true! In fact, one of the main causes of excessive oil production is from your skin trying to overproduce moisture because you're lacking it! So even though there's an adjustment period, if you get on a regular moisturizing schedule, you can help restore he normal balance of moisture and oil in your skin! In addition, adding in a toner to your routine can also help restore your ph balance! A hydrated and smooth face will always make makeup application easier and smoother! I personally use and LOVE the Milk moisturizing cream from Maskcara! You can check it out here



Shave that fuzz! Hey there's nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of when it comes to facial hair. Yep girls have it too- so what? I love using a Tinkle razor to get rid of my little chin hairs, my peach fuzz on the sides of my face and yes even my little mustache hairs! Foundation-especially powder and cream goes on smoother and LOOKS more seamless and natural on a smooth shaved face! (Oh Holly, I can't do that though cause it will grow back darker and thicker!!) ummm again what?! Who comes up with these silly myths?? That doesn't happen at all! That's not how our hair works. It doesn't happen to men, doesn't happen to our leg hair or the hair on our head, and it's never happened to me with my face so.. don't worry about that girlfriend! (Oh and a plus- you can use the Tinkle razor to trim up your brows!! SOLD) Get yours here . 



Simplify! Honestly I've just come to this realization in the last couple years that less really is more with makeup! You honestly do not need a dozen different products and layers to get a flawless and full coverage look!  The more you use and add on, the more it's going to look caked on and less natural. This really is what drew me into Maskcara makeup a few years ago- it's one layer that still offers coverage, brightening, contouring, color for cheeks and lips and you never get that cakey "makeupy" look. The other tip with simplifying is being conscious and picky with your makeup! I don't believe you need to buy "all natural, all organic" products that cost a fortune, but a little research doesn't hurt! Just be aware of the ingredients- try to go for a higher quality brand that you can trust! It's a well accepted opinion that higher quality makeup really does go on better and just looks better overall! 



Dont forget to set! No makeup is perfect and lasts forever, it's just a fact of life! But that doesn't mean we have to accept that! If you've never set your makeup with a powder or spray then you are totally missing out!! It's so worth the investment and it makes a world of difference! If you're oil-prone, I'd suggest setting with a sheer translucent powder and then also a setting spray! I love the budget friendly NYX matte spray ($7 at Target) or the Urban Decay all nighter ($30) or the one I personally use now which is the Stay Spray from Maskcara! It smells like coconut heaven and is a giant bottle! (5oz for $29) it also doubles as a primer if you want to spray it before your makeup which will also help with application and longevity! Get the regular kind or the SPF one here!


Alright babes, those are my 5 secrets (okay maybe they aren't really secrets but eh) for a flawless makeup application and again it doesn't really matter what kind of makeup you wear- these are really good skincare practices that you should just always be doing!! If you have any secrets or tips you'd love to share, leave me a comment! See you next time! 


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