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5 MUST HAVE Beauty Items $5 and Under!

5 MUST HAVE Beauty Items $5 and Under!

Hey there babes!

Today, I'm sharing with you my 5 must haves for your beauty collection and yep they all come in under $10! So you still have money in your bank for donuts! Here they are!

ONE- Tinkle Razors

These are brilliant little things and such a steal! (get a 3 pack for under $5 here) I use these weekly to trim up my brows and to remove all the little peach fuzz off my face! It allows my makeup to go on much smoother and it doubles as an exfoliator!

TWO- Silicone Makeup Blender

I have recently been using these to blend and finish my makeup in place of a traditional beauty blender sponge. I know it seems odd but I actually like it! It's way more hygienic and easier to clean. I also like how it finishes my look without taking off my makeup! You can get a 2 pack here! (There are cheaper ones on Amazon but the reviews didn't seem as great) 

THREE- Colourpop Lip Primer

I love this stuff! It feels so soft and smooth when applied and helps any of my lip colors go on much smoother and more even! And for $5?! You can't beat it! While you're there, grab some $5 lip colors too!

FOUR- St. Ives Apricot Exfoliator

Okay, we all know exfoliating is essential right? Well some of us just don't have the budget or the desire to buy a "fancy" one so I have been using this one for a couple years and I really like it! It's around $4 and maybe it's not all natural but it's good enough for me! haha

FIVE- E.L.F Brush Cleaner

Are you cleaning your makeup brushes? No?? GASP!! Girl, you've got to! Do you know how much built up product and bacteria gets inside those bristles? A lot! Cleaning them weekly (or every other day) will not only extend the life and health of your brushes, but it will also prevent you from getting acne and poor makeup application from those dirty brushes! Normally, I'd recommend the Restore brush cleaner from Maskcara Beauty because it cleans, conditions, and sanitizes! It goes for $28 (for a large 8.5oz bottle) so if you're on a budget, I also like the ELF brand for only $3 (but also only 2oz)


Alright ladies, that's all for today's must have beauty items! Did I miss something that you love? Let me know in the comments!



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